November 24th 2022: running in the dark

November 24th 2022: running in the dark

It's a new day. I think.

Do we really need to go for a run? It's still dark outside!

My iPhone tries to fool me by showing well-lit pictures, but I swear, I couldn't see a thing in real life.

Hello? Where is everybody?


Dawn is coming (again: iPhone says it's midday).

There they are. Jump!

The colors of this season are beyond everything you can imagine, aren't they?

Morning traffic jam.

If my phone can do it, so can I.

Six stages of happiness.

Friesland #003

A few hours later we were back. Because we cannot get enough of the color brown. And green.And orange and yellow and blue and pink.

I'm a tourist in own forrest.


Paint you later!

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