November 23rd 2022: Postcards & Pink Trees

November 23rd 2022: Postcards & Pink Trees

Another day, another walk with Captain Mouse.

The heather's still looking beautiful.

Captain Mouse is unsuccessfully hiding behind a mushroom.

All the leaves are hmm mm mmmm and the hmmm hmm hmmmm.

Who is the prettiest dog?

Who are the prettiest trees?

Living in Friesland is the best.

Yellow and blue are also represented.

I received a package!

A5 postcards!

They're reproductions of Friesland #001 and you can order them here. (Free shipping!)

I feel like making a yellow and purple painting.

Happy little trees.

With some more definition.

Four extremely pink trees. Because, why not?

Added some moonlight shadow.

Trees #014 is finished!

The pink mysteriously disappears when I try to scan the painting. Unscannable pink, what's next? Paint you later!

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