November 22nd 2022: four fine portraits

November 22nd 2022: four fine portraits

This reminds me of something, what was it?

All the leaves are brown - ALL THE LEAVES ARE BROWN - and the sky is grayyyyy (This song is the most famous jitterbug known to our family and we're all forbidden to sing it in each others presence, that's why it always makes me smile.)

Captain Mouse and me are waiting for our morning run to begin. Mouse can't wait, I would much rather go inside.

Let's go.

My running speed is so low that the others have time to enjoy the scenery. (Ok, I also seem to have time for taking pictures apparently.)

Even Mouse runs ahead of me. Oh well...

Wait! I want to take a picture. Can you act like you're still running? O, yes, very convincing. Well done.

I mean...

I love this forrest.

I also love this dog.

First things first: let's get yesterday's orders in the mail.

Six of them! Thank you all so much for ordering <3

Today's paper.

The stages of a portrait.

Portrait #061

This one's my favourite.

Portrait #063

Portrait #064 in the making.

Portrait #064

This green one's going to be Portrait #062.

Portrait #062

Happy desk mess.

Today was a good day. Paint you later!

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