November 21st 2022: painting Friesland

November 21st 2022: painting Friesland

On my way to Friesland, my favourite place <3

It's foggy and gloomy. I'm not sure what it says about my personality, but fall is my favourite season.

Spotted the first snow!

Friesland equals lots of walks.

Did I mention I love fall? I love fall.

It's cold outside. Which I also love, because I love to wear clothes, a lot.

Look at these colors...

Look at these branches and leaves...

Look at them!

Such a beautiful picture, but... who took it?

Was it you, Captain Mouse?

Arches Aquarelle paper (cold pressed, 300 g/m2, A4), Escoda Perla 12, Kuretake Gansai Tambe

Layer one.
Layer two: a row of trees in the distance.

Layer three: what are those weird sticks? Just trust the process.

Layer four: all is flowing.

Aaahh bliss.

The workspace is tidy, that must be a sign of something.

Layer five: some serious trees.

Layer six.

Final layer: that's me an that is the wonderful Captain Mouse.

Look at her cute behind.

And she's done: Friesland #001

Let's start another one.

Layer two.

Layer tree. Eh, three.

And Four.

What's not to like of Friesland?

Anyway, it's done and so am I. Friesland #002. Paint you later!

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